W-L PTSA 2024-25
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Your $20 annual dues, when multiplied by 1,000 or more families, provide vital funding to help the PTSA help W-L’s students.

Family - $20
Teacher/Staff - $5
Student - $5

We call these “no sweat” dollars because these contributions replace all the fundraising activities we would otherwise need volunteers to perform. Please consider contributing. These funds go directly to teacher and student grants approved by the PTSA grant committee and reviewed by an W-L Administrator. The PTSA budget is reviewed by the membership and posted on the website. Help us support our school community.

Other amount: $

Please check off the activities you would like to help with:

PTSA Communications (website, newsletters, bulletin boat, directory)
Family Network/Community Engagement/Healthy Teen Committee
Senior Events (Graduation Party, Senior Picnic)
Staff Appreciation
Student of the Semester
Nominating Committee
Formals for Five
APS Policy and Communications/ACI/CCPTA
Fundraising (dine-outs, grocery card program, plant sale)
Holiday Bazaar
Liaison (with middle school PTAs/PTSAs, community groups, civic associations)
PTSA Executive Council (Officers)
Grocery Rewards Program

Please consider joining the grocery rewards program:

for the next 4 years
for the 23/24 school year only
not at this time
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