KidRealm Camps
KidRealm Falls Church Summer Camps
July 7 - July 26, 2019

Come to KidRealm this summer!

Pokemon/Minecraft/Super Smash (ages 6-12)

Adventure Gaming (ages 12-14)

7416 Arlington Boulevard, Falls Church
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Early Bird Rate: $210/week
Extended day 7:00-9:00 am ($30/wk) and 3:00-6:00 pm ($50/wk)
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If cancelled more than two weeks from start of session, the customer will receive all but $50 of their registration fee. If cancelled less than two weeks the camper will have half of their money refunded. No money is refunded if campers miss days during the camp. Kidrealm camps have the same code of conduct as Fairfax County Parks and Recreation. Students are expected to follow this code. Campers who are asked to leave camp for breaking the code of conduct will not be refunded.
I understand that there are risks inherent in all activities included in KidRealm Camps. I have been advised to seek the advice of a medical doctor before my child participates in this program. I and my child/children agree to assume all risks of illness and injury resulting in participation in this program. I understand Knox Presbyterian Church makes no representations as to the safety of this program for my child/children. I and my child/children waive and release Knox Presbyterian Church, its agencies, its offices and employees from and against all claims for illness or injury resulting from participation in this program.
I understand that a late pick up fee of $1 per minute will be enforced after 1 warning. This is to offset the cost of paying KidRealm employees overtime after extended hours.
Additional Services

Our express service allows you to drive into our express lane, drop off and pick up your child, and go. Your child will sign herself/himself in and out.

This service is available to families whose children are not attending Extended Day. However, if for example, you've signed up for Afternoon Extended Day only, you could do Express Service in the morning.

Morning Drop-Off, 8:45-9:15 AM
Afternoon Pick-Up, 3:00-3:15 PM

For parents who would like this option please read carefully. We will have a special table where you will need to present an ID for sign out after core hours.

This option is only for core hours "inside" pick up. Not available for express outside pick up. On the first day, go to the ID CHECK Sign In Table to be assigned a numbered KidRealm bracelet . This will help us identify which campers need to be picked up at the ID CHECK table at the 3 PM pick up. Each day at 3 PM come to the ID CHECK table for pick up, present your photo ID and sign out your child.

If you do not choose the ID CHECK option then you can continue our normal KidRealm dismissal system.

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Pokemon/Minecraft/Super Smash (age 6-12)
Adventure Gaming (age 12-14)
Ext Day AM Ext Day PM
Pokemon/Minecraft/Super Smash (age 6-12)
Adventure Gaming (age 12-14)
Ext Day AM Ext Day PM
Pokemon/Minecraft/Super Smash (age 6-12)
Adventure Gaming (age 12-14)
Ext Day AM Ext Day PM
Camper 2 (optional)
Camper 3 (optional)
Camper 4 (optional)
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